The Great Discord Migration thread


Were you a Serpent.AI Discord member? Time to flash your OG status. Say hi and share the name you were sporting on Discord so we recognize you!

I’ll start. Serpent.AI :snake:


I used the name Pukateiubeste


My name was, and still is Shotch


I use this name everywhere nowadays


I was YourNemesis on discord.
@Serpent.AI can we still keep the discord open? Not for support issues but for everything else. People used to interact over there regarding their ideas, and games they’re working on using serpent and things like that which may not be possible here.


Hey, I was Lecten from Discord.


I’m Marthinwurer everywhere


still m1ndgames

as i understand your point regarding discord beeing a bad support channel, i doubt i will visit another dedicated board as frequently as i would on a chat which software is open all the time…

good luck tho


I am well aware that this will be the case for a lot of people. It’s a big departure that will likely hurt for a while, but I am positive I want to make that change.

In fact, to provide the exact opposite perspective, the always on nature of Discord is exactly what I disliked. Expectations are different when you post on a discussion board. The volume of messages will be lower, but it will be possible to address everything.

I apologize for those who preferred the chat nature of Discord but I have no plans to keep it alive.


Hi, both of my twitch and discord name are artispassion.
So we embrace a more formal discuss way like reddit.


formal like reddit :smiley:

this board was really needed to discuss code and such, and i totally embrace it. i just like to have a real time chat…

@Serpent.AI how about discord moderators point to this forum in case of questions, and mentioning an admin is ban-able offense (like on any other discord :D)

If this is also not an option, would you set a link to a general machine learning discord? (Thats how i found your project btw.: i was specifically looking for a discord around ML)

edit: i forgot to add: yours was the only active one.


Hello, my name is d0p3t, also known as d0p3t on Discord and d0p3t on Twitter and on this Forum.

Kind regards,


I have some good suggestions for you, but most programmers use slack instead of discord.
The first one

The second one


I used the name TheHyperblast2 on Discord.


If having an active ML & AI real-time chat is what will be missed, I would actually encourage someone to seize the opportunity to create a Discord / Slack for enthusiasts of the topic and I will gladly link it with the announcement on what is left of the Discord.

Hell, I will even join it right now and probably participate. What I don’t want is to have that facility tied to the Serpent.AI name and having admin / mod duties. I am all for a chat community of ML & AI hobbyists; I am one just like you. Besides, that community would definitely benefit from going beyond only Serpent.AI.

Be the change you want to see! :pray:


i think what people are really missing is the real time chat with the viewers from Serpent_AI stream the most and the #meme section aswell



I used the name RogerVR #6176 on Discord.


I think the move here is for the best and agree with it all the way

Lokiwizz here and there and was late to join in all the fun


th3d0rkknightz there and here.

looking forward to the change