Redis database initialization never finishes during game agent setup


So I have been messing around with clearing Redis cache files as disk gets full and keep removing the keys set by serpent in Redis by accident.

I try to set up a new environment from scratch to fix the issue, but would like to work a little more efficiently.

At what stage of SerpentAI installation are Redis keys initialized?


So after going through the entire Redis implementation code of SerpentAI I believe I have found the answer, though it just confuses me more and require more clarification.

The issue it turns out is that I run the following code in my game agent init function:

self.game_frame_buffer = FrameGrabber.get_frames(
            [0, 1, 2, 3],

I run this call to get a sample frame to get window dimensions and avoid hard coding values in my code. This works after initially setting up a new environment from scratch, but after I flush the Redis database using the command below the code above never completes.

redis-cli flushdb

The reason it turns out is that unfortunately, the first thing the get_frames function in frame_grabber does is execute a while loop as shown below:

while True:
            if redis_client.llen(config["frame_grabber"]["redis_key"]) > 149:

This code checks if Redis has gathered enough frames to fill it’s internal buffer of frames before getting any frames. This would be fine, except, unless I have disabled it somehow, there does not seem to be any other process running to fill the buffer with frames while my game agent is initializing. So since I flushed the Redis database it needs to be filled with new frames, and this is not done before I call FrameGrabber.get_frames, and as such the code loops forever in an endless while true loop.

The manual fix is that every time I flush Redis database I now run serpent to capture frames until I have cached more than 150 frames in Redis, but this is a clunky and confusing. It would be better design to ensure Redis database is filled with frames while the loop is going.

The call to fill Redis database manually is:

serpent capture frame <game_name> 0.5

The last number is how often you want to capture a frame, and since default fps from SerpentAI is 2 fps, going lower than 0.5 seems to have no effect.