CS:GO is a competitive shooter.
It is anti-Cheat protected with VAC, however you can pass the -insecure startup parameter to start the game without it.

Possible Envioroments:

  • aim training maps (like this one or this one or the games Weapons Course)
  • 1 v 1’s against a bot, player or even itself (example map)
  • full action on a 5v5 map
  • surfing (where you exploit a game mecanic where you can slide on a wall like here)
  • kz (which is a category where your goal is to climb to the top like here)


  • as said above there is an Anticheat. However you can start without it, and it doesn’t block annything.
  • The game has 64 or 128 ticks per second. Howeve there is a console command named “host_timescale” in which you can modify the game speed.